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Danish Recycled Bird Feeder Set

Danish Recycled Bird Feeder Set


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Our Danish Bird Feeder Set is created using 100% recycled plastic and includes 5 (suet free) seed and nut orbs. The feeder's cord, made from recycled PET-plastic, works both as suspension and lock: pulling the cord lightly allows you to refill the feeder. 

We recommend you using 2.25 inch suet balls with the Suet Ball Bird Feeder .

Product Details:

  • 100% recycled plastic collected from Danish households 
  • Feeder is 8" H x 2.75" W 
  • Holds 3 2.-2.5" Suet balls 
  • Ships with 5 (Suet Free) Seed and Nut orbs 2.25" diameter
  • Made in Denmark
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