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Sneeboer x Gardenheir Border Fork

Sneeboer x Gardenheir Border Fork


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This tool is part of the Sneeboer X Gardenheir collection. This limited range of tools combines Sneeboer’s timeless hand forged stainless steel with handsome brass details. The solid FSC certified ash wood handles of each tool are made a warm walnut color using eco friendly stain and engraved with a subtle Gardenheir logo. We are honored to collaborate with Sneeboer—the finest maker of hand made garden tools in the world.

This perfectly proportioned and exceptionally well-balanced 4-tine stainless steel border or ladies fork will be coveted by gentleman and lady gardeners alike!

Fitted with an immaculately prepared oiled wood, handle this fork measures 44-inches in length, features 6.8 inch long tines, has a 6.2 inch wide head and combines traditional manufacturing techniques with astonishing performance - both boys and girls will be clearing out their potting sheds to make way for one!

Type of tool: Fork

Function of tool: Cultivating, Digging, Planting

  • Width of head: 6.2”

  • Length of head: 7.6”

  • Length of handle: 36”

  • Number of spikes: 4

  • Length of spikes: 6.8”

  • Between spikes: 1.2”

  • Weight: 3.74 lb

  • Handle: Eco Stained As Wood

  • Hand Forged Stainless Steel

  • Made in Holland

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