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Sneeboer Snow Shovel/Blade Medium

Sneeboer Snow Shovel/Blade Medium


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If you live in a northern climate you know well the necessity of managing snow. When we came across this Sneeboer item, we were hooked. Not only is it a gorgeous object, it performs like a champ.

The Sneeboer snow shovel is great for pushing and lifting snow but it’s finest attribute is that the 16x8 stainless steel blade can slice more compacted snow into more manageable pieces.

Treat yourself and toss out that plastic one that probably has crack in it sitting on front steps all winter. Grab this beautiful version from Sneeboer and make your neighbors a little jealous while you’re at it.

Type of tool: Special tool

Function of tool: Shoveling

  • Width of head: 16”

  • Length of head: 8”

  • Total length: 62.4”

  • Weight: 3.5 lb

  • Hand forged stainless steel

  • Ash wood handle

  • Made in Holland

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