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Sneeboer Raised Bed Leaf Rake 7 Tine

Sneeboer Raised Bed Leaf Rake 7 Tine


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This raised bed leaf rake is a great size rake for removing leaves and debris from your garden. You’ll love the longer handle to reach across your raised bed or to the back of you flower beds and the narrower width allows you rake between plantings. Hand-made of hardened stainless steel and then fitted with an Ash hardwood handle from Certified forests. This handle has a knob on the end to keep your hand from sliding off. Hand-Made in Holland.

Type of tool: Rake

Function of tool: Lawn care. Leaf and general raking, path cleaning.

  • Width of head: 4.5″

  • Total length: 33.5″

  • Number of spikes: 7

  • Weight: 0.8 lb

  • Handle: Ashwood

  • Made in Holland

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