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Sneeboer Compost Fork

Sneeboer Compost Fork


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The compost fork is ideal for turning, aerating and loosening the compost. These steps speed up the composting process. The compost fork has four curved stainless steel tines with the outer two tines pointing outwards. As a result, this sturdy compost fork can easily pierce and scoop compost and other loose material such as wood chips and hay.

Type of tool: Fork

Function of tool: Cultivating, Digging, Planting, Composting

  • Width of head: 7”

  • Length of head: 9.8”

  • Length of handle: 35.5”

  • Total length: 47.2”

  • Number of teeth: 4

  • Length of teeth: 9”

  • Between teeth: 2”

  • Weight: 3.74 lb

  • Handle: Ash wood

  • Hand Forged Stainless Steel

  • Made in Holland

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