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Sneeboer Broadfork

Sneeboer Broadfork


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We’ve been asked by so many gardeners to find the best broadfork so we naturally called up our friends at Sneeboer to help us develop one that meets the highest of standards. After 6 months of fine tuning, we are so proud to stock the first broadforks made by Sneeboer.

The broadfork is a garden tool used for turning, aerating and tilling soil in the garden. It is designed to loosen soil without disturbing or turning soil layers, which is beneficial for maintaining soil structure and preserving soil life. In addition, the broadfork can help in weed control and its use makes it easier to mix compost and fertilisers into the soil.

This Broadfork is completely handmade from high quality stainless steel as you have come to expect from Sneeboer garden tools. The total fork weighs 16 lbs and the 5 tines are 9.8” long. The total fork is 20” wide and with the handles mounted, the fork is 57” long. These stainless steel handles are 47” long and detachable so you can transport the fork easily. Sneeboer logos have even been carved into the outer two tines and these details make this fork look as fantastic as it is in use.

Type of tool: Broadfork

Function of tool: Soil turning and tilling, aeration

  • Width of head: 20”

  • Total length: 57”

  • Weight: 16 lb

  • Detachable handles

  • Hand Forged

  • Solid Stainless Steel

  • Made in Holland

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