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Potting Bench Scoop

Potting Bench Scoop

Red Pig Tools

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There are plenty of scoops on the market, mostly plastic or aluminum and made for handling measures of grain, seed or soil amendments. Our 1-quart scoop differs from the common one in that it is made with a wood handle and back piece attached by brass nails to a galvanized steel trough. It’s a simply constructed, yet very useful.

Since the trough is flat-bottomed, not round, it will pick up material off your potting bench or other flat surfaces; much in the manner of a dustpan. Round bottom scoops clear a 1/2 inch path at best, while this one clears one 4 inches wide. The trough is made of 12 gauge steel. The handle and the backplate are made of hardwoods.

About the maker : Hand forged in the Pacific Northwest in small batches by one of few remaining blacksmiths making these types of tools in the US, Red Pig Garden Tools. With a specialty in historical, often one-of-a-kind, tools that you will not find in other garden tool offerings, this collection is built to last.

Type of tool: Scoop

Function of tool: Scooping soil, seed, amendments

  • Width of scoop: 3.5 ”

  • Length of scoop: 8 ”

  • Volume: 1 quart

  • Total length: 13”

  • Weight: 0.75 lbs

  • Handle: Wood

  • 12 gauge Steel

  • Made in the USA

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