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Otter Messer Budding Knife with Barklifter

Otter Messer Budding Knife with Barklifter

Otter Messer

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The Otter Messer model no. 124 is a lightweight folding small knife with special use in budding and grafting and comes with a brass barklifter to expose the cambium of your stock.

With it’s pointed blade, you can easily get under the bark while working. On the opposite end, the rounded brass tool will help you remove the bark without damage.

The small handle supports the precise handling of the blade. The handle is made of durable sapele wood.

Every gardener should have a great knife on hand to help handle the tasks of pruning, cuttings, propagating, harvesting, cutting rope and other garden material, and more. We found that Otter Messer, founded in 1940 with a long history as a manufacturer of expertly crafted knives in Solingen, Germany, is a perfect balance of superior quality and great value for professional horticultural knives.

  • 0.10 lbs

  • Total length: 5.9”L

  • Carbon steel blade, length: 1.96”, 2.5 mm thickness

  • Comes with Brass Barklifter: approx. 1.125”

  • Sapele wood handle, length: 3.9”

  • Folding design, with slipjoint locking mechanism

  • Brass Rivets

  • Made in Solingen, Germany

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