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Belgian Sharpening Whetstones, Extra Fine

Belgian Sharpening Whetstones, Extra Fine

Otter Messer

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These extra fine whetstones are used for sharpening knive, made from natural stone quarried from the Belgian Ardennes mountains. Their unique consistency makes it possible for us to grind the blades with precision and in a material-friendly way. The lighter layer is used for grinding, the slate layer on the bottom is simply to make the sharpening stone stronger.

The Belgian whetstone no. 6 is the larger option
The Belgian whetstone no. 4 is the smaller option

The Belgian whetstones must be wet before honing. Set the blade onto the stone at a sharp angle and pull it back in circular motions. A natural abrasive paste develops in this process, which sharpens the blade and polishes it finely at the same time.

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