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Niwaki Tool Maintenance Set

Niwaki Tool Maintenance Set


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Filled with everything you need to keep your hand tools looking and performing their best. Niwaki was kind enough to put all their best maintenance items together in a single kit—just for Gardenheir.

The kit contains a #1000 sharpening stone perfect for everyday sharpening and a scouring stone to clean resin, rust, and grime from your tool blades. Also includes Camelia oil and an oil dispenser to protect your tools from corrosion.

Each kit comes in a Niwaki canvas bag to keep things together. Makes a great gift for yourself of any other gardener.

  • Camelia oil: 1.5"H, 1.5"W, 6"L

  • Oil dispenser: 2"H, 2"W, 3.5"L

  • Niwaki sharpening stone: 1.25"H, 1"W, 5.5"L

  • Scouring stone: 1.5"H, 0.75"W, 2.5"L

  • 100% Cotton canvas bag.

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