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Niwaki Leaf Bag

Niwaki Leaf Bag


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Finally, a better looking version of that IKEA bag that so many gardeners use for clippings, garden waste, moving plants and so many other garden tasks.

The Niwaki Leaf Bag is a sturdy solution to a wide variety of garden waste removal conundrums, and it’s tough enough to last you many, many trips to the compost heap or recycling centre.

Niwaki tested various sizes and designs before settling on this 33 gallonmodel, which is large enough to swallow plenty of matter without making it so unwieldy you can no longer shift it to its final destination.

Handles on the top for lighter loads and grab handles on the sides for when you’ve overdone it and the need to drag arises. There’s even a handle on the underside to help you shake out the last bits or hang it up dry.

Tough, woven outer material and a thick, waterproof lining will keep the trunk of your car clean and dry. Also makes the perfect receptacle for wet coats, wetsuits and possibly even wet dogs.

Product Details:

  • 950g

  • 19.8” x 19.8” x 19.8”

  • PP with PVC liner

  • 33 Gallon volume

  • Ripstop PP shell with 600D PVC liner

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