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Niwaki GR Pro Snips

Niwaki GR Pro Snips


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A high-powered snip for delicate pruning work. The GR Pro Snips are hard wearing, heavy duty snips for careful, detailed pruning and other jobs in the garden where secateurs are too large and clumsy. Hand forged in Sanjo from KA70 carbon steel with a solid, chunky catch at the bottom and a robust spring.

Used in Japan for pine pruning and other intricate work - use here for flowers, dead heading, and light pruning.

  • 0.43 lbs

  • 8.07”L x 2.04”W x 0.82”H

  • 2.44” blades

  • Max cut 0.2”

  • KA-70 Carbon steel

  • Vinyl Grip handles

  • Made in Sanjo, Japan

  • Includes Spare Spring

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