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Niwaki GR Pro S-Type Secateurs

Niwaki GR Pro S-Type Secateurs


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Hand forged and finished in the mountains of Yamagata, S-Types have a more pronounced shoulder to the handles, compared to the Niwaki regular GR Pro Secateurs. The blade here is a somewhat angled version that steers down away from the hand. Ergonomically these are more suitable for slightly weaker and smaller hands than other full-size secateurs, but offer the same firm, refined cutting action.

S58C is a tough and hard-wearing carbon steel that holds a great edge and sharpens well. The chunky catch at the bottom and strong spring gives a reassuringly simple functional feel, and the ergonomic handles and yellow grips offer a great working solution for medium to larger sized hands. You can remove the yellow vinyl grips for a more traditional look but we find the bright yellow makes finding them in the garden a whole lot easier.

  • 0.54 lb

  • 8.07”L x 1.96”W x 0.86”H

  • 2.16” blades

  • S58C Carbon steel

  • Vinyl Grip handles

  • Includes Spare Spring

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