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Niwaki GR Pro Lightweight Secateurs

Niwaki GR Pro Lightweight Secateurs


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Wonderfully lightweight secateurs that compromise slightly on strength in return for a touch more precision. A slender bypass blade is nimble to get into places reserved normally for daintier snips. Ergonomic handle, smooth spring action and chunky lock clasp at the bottom. If you’ve ever fumbled with the lock on a pair of Felco secateurs, you will be ever so thankful for the Niwaki lock clasp design.

Slightly smaller than other Niwaki secateurs we stock, these are the perfect choice for those with smaller or weaker hands, as well those needing the precision that the slender blade provides.

  • 0.43 lbs

  • 7.5”L x 2”W x 0.78”H

  • 1.96” blades

  • Max cut 0.4”

  • KA-70 Carbon steel

  • Vinyl Grip handles

  • Made in Sanjo, Japan

  • Includes Spare Spring

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