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Niwaki Gardening Gloves

Niwaki Gardening Gloves


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The ideal gardening glove for everyday use. The nylon/spandex liner is breathable, the nitrile coating provides just enough grip and the fit of the fingers and cuffs are just right. Perfect for pruning, planting, working in the borders, potting up in the greenhouse, and any other chores around the home and garden. We keep these away from rose bushes and brambles but for nearly everything else they work great.

The cuff colors and Japanese kanji characters correspond to the glove size. Each size is a different color and kanji.

Measure across the middle of your hand in cm to find your size. 7cm = Size 7 (Small), 8cm = Size 8 (Medium) etc.) We recommend moving up a size if you’re caught in the middle, although some people prefer a tighter fit.

  • 0.5 oz Nylon/ Spandex Liner with Nitrile Coating

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