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Mouth Blown Glass Cloches in Clear

Mouth Blown Glass Cloches in Clear


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Limited Edition: Made in North Carolina, exclusively for Gardenheir.

Glass cloches are amongst some of the most beautiful and practical objects we can think of. Traditionally used in the garden as a miniature greenhouse of sorts to aid in frost and critter protection, they’ve also become valued in the home for tropical houseplants, to display special objects à la curiosity cabinets, cover foodstuffs, and more.

We designed our cloches after some rustic antique cheese cloches we once found in France that had a peculiar droopy knob, which we think adds so much character. Larger and rounder bell-shaped than many other cloches, they’ll fit a wide range of objects and will certainly add some distinct presence to any room. They are blown thin, but not overly so… with just the right amount of heft to be not overly fragile like the mass produced versions you might come across.

We worked with a small North Carolina glass studio to develop this exclusive cloche collection. Made in small batches with our glassblower, each piece is unique and slightly varied.

  • Mouth blown Glass

  • Hand formed

  • Medium: 10” H x 8.5” W

  • Large: 14” H x 10.5” W

  • Made exclusively for Gardenheir

  • Made in North Carolina, USA

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