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MOUTH BLOWN BULB VASE IN Amber, North Carolina, 20th C.

MOUTH BLOWN BULB VASE IN Amber, North Carolina, 20th C.


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Handblown Bulb Forcing Vase

Bulb season anticipates the long, bleak winter and has many gardeners already preparing for the return to Spring, planting out bulbs in the garden for bountiful next season's early display. But growing bulbs indoors can bring the cheeriness of blooms earlier and lets you observe the always miraculous growing cycle in closer view.

We worked with a small North Carolina glass studio to develop an exclusive collection of bulb vases. Inspired by traditional bulb forcing vases, these elegantly shaped mouth blown and hand formed glass vases are really special.
Made in small batches with our glassblower, each piece is unique and slightly varied. Substantially weighted, these are perfect for forcing hyacinths, smaller to medium sized amaryllis, paper whites, and more. We also love them for small cut stem arrangements.

Product details:

Medium: 7″ h x 4″ w (3” Mouth with 1.5” neck opening). Great for crocus, paperwhite, and hyacinth bulbs.

*Sizes and shape will slightly vary as each is hand formed.

  • Mouth blown glass

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Pontil Mark at bottom of vessel

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