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Long-Necked British Hybrid Copper Watering Can No. 2 By Negishi Industry Co.

Long-Necked British Hybrid Copper Watering Can No. 2 By Negishi Industry Co.

Negishi Industry

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The Negishi Industry Co. Long-Necked British Hybrid No. 2 is a really unique piece we developed with Negishi. It combines aspects of their “bonsai-style” design (with its elongated neck and lower finger ring) but replaces the cupped handle with larger grip handle more familiar to Western watering cans. It can deliver the water it collects as a gentle rain, and is an item of professional quality for the garden. This can and size is especially well suited for delicate florals and bonsai gardening and the exchangeable nozzles can suit a variety of watering needs.

  • Size: Length 24 inches (without attachments) x Height 5.5 inches

  • Volume: 2 Liter

  • Material: Copper

  • Comes with two attachments: Oblique shape rain nozzle and crane neck nozzle

  • Made in Japan

About Negishi Industry Co.

Negishi Industry Co. is a family-owned group of master metalsmiths who solder and craft each watering can by hand in their Tokyo studio. Only 3 people in the world make each of these very limited pieces in the Sumida area of the capital city.

Negishi Industry Co. began making watering cans in the 1960’s to accommodate demand for high quality implements for bonsai. Then and now, Negishi watering can have a special status among bonsai practitioners because of the unique rain-like fall of the water from their nozzles.

The handmade production process involves melting solder over hot coals and allowing it to flow with the maker’s skill onto the metal’s surface. Each can take nearly half a day to construct and thus only a few can be made by the company each day. As these works have such a limited production run, we stock very limited quantities of the Long-Necked No. 2 series.

How to Care for your Negishi

  • For copper watering cans it is advisable to wipe remaining water after use, and not to leave water to stand in the can when not in use.

  • After use, wipe the can lightly inside and out, and leave in to dry in an airy location. The cans do not respond well to enclosed spaces (such as wine cellars), or to direct sun.

  • Following long term use, some changes in the material (and especially copper) will be noticeable. But as long as the care instructions are followed above, this is simply the natural process of the metal acquiring character with age.

  • Well cared for, the metal will remain in good condition for at least ten years. In the event of damage or breakage, the product may be returned to Negishi in Tokyo for repair, subject to shipping and costs.

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