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Laurel & Ash Farm Maple Vinegar

Laurel & Ash Farm Maple Vinegar

Laurel & Ash

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Fermented with tart and crisp Hudson Valley apples and 100% pure New York state Grade A, maple syrup, this raw and unfiltered vinegar 'with mother' is full of complex flavor. Aged for over six months in new toasted oak barrels, Laurel & Ash Farm Barrel Aged Maple Vinegar is a flavorful addition to a multitude of recipes. A unique balance of sweet and sour, this vinegar is a perfect addition to vinaigrettes, salad dressings, shrubs and cocktails. A truly unique culinary treat that complements both sweet and savory dishes or drinks. 

  • Size: 375 ml (12.6 fl. oz.)

  • Hand numbered glass bottles.

  • Bottled in the Hudson Valley,

  • Contains no added ingredients or preservatives.

  • Ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar with mother, Laurel & Ash Farm maple syrup. Unfiltered & unpasteurized.

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