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Haws Brass Rose Attachments- Seed Set (Extra Fine Spray)

Haws Brass Rose Attachments- Seed Set (Extra Fine Spray)

Haws England

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This combination of two roses is perfect for planting seeds from the greenhouse to the allotment. The extra-fine bedding rose will allow you to water your outdoor seeds confidently, with the knowledge that you will be providing them with the softest shower possible. The extra-fine potting rose is the ideal greenhouse accompaniment for seed trays where a delicate touch is key.

Our beautiful oval bedding roses with their curved face provide the perfect gentle rain-like shower in contrast to our round potting roses which provide a highly focused, targeted spray for pots, patios and seed trays.

All roses in this set will fit the Cradley deluxe and Warley Fall one and two gallon.

This will make a fine gift for your green-fingered friends and family.

This set includes:

Brass Bedding Rose - Extra Fine Spray

Brass Potting Rose - Extra Fine Spray

  • Solid brass

  • Made in England

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