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Haws Brass Rose Attachments- Hardy Set (Course Spray)

Haws Brass Rose Attachments- Hardy Set (Course Spray)

Haws England

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This combination of two roses is perfect for your more established plants, the coarse bedding rose is fantastic for watering beds quickly and efficiently, whilst the extra coarse rose can be used for specialist applications such as spreading nematodes or for use when working with unfiltered or dirty water.

The beautiful bedding rose with its curved face provides the perfect gentle rain-like shower in contrast to our potting rose which provides a highly focused targeted spray.

Both roses in this set will fit the Cradley Deluxe and the Warley Fall one and two gallon.

This set includes:

Brass Bedding Rose - Course Spray

Brass Potting Rose - Extra Course Spray

  • Solid brass

  • Made in England

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