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Hand Thrown Frost Proof Italian Terra Cotta Spheres

Hand Thrown Frost Proof Italian Terra Cotta Spheres

Gardenheir x Seibert & Rice

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Exclusively at Gardenheir

When we first started visited the Siebert & Rice factory, we found one of these spheres tucked away in a far off corner and knew we had to have it. We loved it as a sculptural object, perfect for creating new geometries amongst our potted plants on our terrace. We also just loved them as a minimal design object in the house. Hand formed in Italy, frost proof, and stamped with our Gardenheir logo.

In developing terra cotta for Gardenheir, we looked no further than Seibert & Rice, the foremost producer of fine Italian terra cotta. We are proud to be collaborating closely with them for our our first collection. Each piece is hand formed in Impruneta, Italy, home to the highest quality terra cotta pieces available in the world. Made individually by a skilled artisan, our terra cotta spheres are ones that celebrate the makers’ marks and the natural qualities of the clay, setting them far apart from typical mass produced versions. These are truly one-of-a-kind, heirloom pieces for the garden.

About Impruneta, Italy

In the hills of Tuscany lies the small town of Impruneta. There, for hundreds of years, artisans have produced the most spectacular terra cotta in the world. The terracotta pottery produced here is unlike any other. The unique chemical composition of the soil and the high temperatures at which it is fired cause it to be the most durable and the only truly frost proof terracotta in the world. It has the high relief, exquisite detail, and top quality craftsmanship that can only be found in work executed by the hand of an accomplished artisan. There is no confusing this pottery with that pressed out by machine or hastily done by less skilled laborers.

Product Details:

  • Wheel thrown and handmade Terra Cotta

  • Stamped by Artist

  • Frost proof to -20° Fahrenheit

  • Small: 5.5"Ø x 5.0"h (1.6 lb)

  • Medium: 10"Ø x 9.5"h (7.6 lb)

  • X Large : 16.5"Ø x 16"h (25.6 lb)

  • Made in Impruneta, Italy

About Seibert & Rice

Seibert & Rice is the leading American purveyor of handmade terra cotta from Impruneta, Italy. A cult favorite amongst garden designers, their terracotta pots are mainstays of some of the most prestigious institutions in this country, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Botanical Garden, Longwood Gardens, Biltmore Estate and the Boston Public Library.


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