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Hand Forged Tang and Ferrule 6 Tine Hand Rake

Hand Forged Tang and Ferrule 6 Tine Hand Rake

Red Pig Tools

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Hand forged steel hand rakes were once common in the United States. These days they are more than a little hard to find. This seven-tine rake has its head welded to a foot long shank that is set four inches deep into its hickory handle and riveted in place. Use it to fine the soil of a newly cultivated bed, to loosen compacted soil, to work amendments into the soil around plants, and firm up beds after seeding.

About the maker : Hand forged in the Pacific Northwest in small batches by one of few remaining blacksmiths making these types of tools in the US, Red Pig Garden Tools. With a specialty in historical, often one-of-a-kind, tools that you will not find in other garden tool offerings, this collection is built to last.

Type of tool: Hand Fork, Hand Tools

Function of tool: Raking, Soil preparation

  • Width of head: 6.5”

  • Total length: 11”

  • Number of spikes: 6

  • Weight: 0.5 lbs

  • Handle: Hickory

  • Hand Forged Steel

  • Made in the USA

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