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Hand Forged Hand Ridger

Hand Forged Hand Ridger

Red Pig Tools

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A "ridger" is a curious tool that falls on the evolutionary spectrum somewhere midway between a plough and a hoe. Consequently, they are often called "ridging hoes" despite being useless for weeding and rarely being used for breaking solid ground--the two primary functions of a hoe.

Ridgers are common in Europe, occasionally in Britain and rare in America, despite being the very best tool for quickly and neatly pulling rows of alternating furrows and ridges through loosened, friable soil.

About the maker : Hand forged in the Pacific Northwest in small batches by one of few remaining blacksmiths making these types of tools in the US, Red Pig Garden Tools. With a specialty in historical, often one-of-a-kind, tools that you will not find in other garden tool offerings, this collection is built to last.

Type of tool: Hand Ridger

Function of tool: Furrowing

  • Width : 3”

  • Length of head: 4”

  • Total length: 11.5”

  • Weight: 0.75 lbs

  • Handle: Hickory

  • Hand Forged Steel

  • Made in the USA

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