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Hand Forged Flat Trowel

Hand Forged Flat Trowel

Red Pig Tools

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Garden trowels evolved from Mason's trowels. Before they became cupped, garden trowels looked like this one which is still used in Holland for setting bulbs. If you start ground covers in traditional flats (as opposed to celled plastic trays) you'll find this bulb setter is excellent for slicing and setting starts. It's also useful for dividing clumps of iris and similarly rooted species.

About the maker : Hand forged in the Pacific Northwest in small batches by one of few remaining blacksmiths making these types of tools in the US, Red Pig Garden Tools. With a specialty in historical, often one-of-a-kind, tools that you will not find in other garden tool offerings, this collection is built to last.

Type of tool: Trowel, Hand Tools

Function of tool: Digging, planting

  • Width of blade: 3”

  • Length of blade: 5.5”

  • Total length: 13”

  • Weight: 0.5 lbs

  • Handle: Hickory

  • Hand Forged Steel

  • Made in the USA

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