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Hand Blown Glass Watering Globe

Hand Blown Glass Watering Globe


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A simple and helpful tool to ensure your potted plants have gotten their needed drinks. Great as a backup for days when watering might slip your mind and for the times that you’ll be away. Made in North Carolina, these hand blown clear glass watering globes are not only useful, but are minimalist, good looking additions that won’t detract from the plants themselves.

The globe is self regulating, slowly releasing water when air is released from dry soil. Its generous size holds about 14 oz of water so, depending on soil type and pot size, should be able to feed your plant from 1 to 2 weeks. They're also designed with a longer and wider stem to reach closer to root systems and help minimize clogging.

Some tips:
Before inserting, it’s best to water your plant first. Using a butter knife (a Sharpie works well too), pre-press a slightly tilted hole deep in the soil, rotating your knife to create a wide enough diameter to accommodate the stem. This helps soil from getting clogged than if you were to press the globe directly in. Make sure the globe feels secure, firmly pressing soil around the base of your stem, and you’re all set.

  • Mouth blown Glass
  • Hand formed
  • Approximately 12” H x 4” D 
  • Made exclusively for Gardenheir
  • Made in North Carolina, USA
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