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Garden Tea

Garden Tea


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Made in the Hudson Valley by a favorite maker of ours, Deborah Needleman, Garden Tea is made from the leaves and flowers of 9 different herbs. For this limited edition tea, Deborah utilizes the entire growing cycle of the plants- first planting and sowing them before harvesting, and drying to begin creating the blend. Each bag takes 10 months to produce.

The result is a very aromatic, delicious tea.

The tea is offered loose, rather than in tea bags, so that the texture and colors can be seen and enjoyed. When brewing, keep the pot or cup covered so that the essential oils and fragrances don’t dissipate. To strain before drinking, either use a tea ball or a strainer that goes into the teapot to brew, or use a tea strainer over the top of the cup when pouring. Each bag contains 28g of loose tea.

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