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Frama Herbarium Hand Wash 500 ML

Frama Herbarium Hand Wash 500 ML


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500 ml / 16.9 fl oz Glass pump bottle

Created to embody the calming essence of wild flora, Herbarium Hand Wash is a mild, scented cleansing gel with a fresh yet exhilarating aroma and a balsamic undertone. Formulated for everyday use and rooted in a palette of nuanced natural ingredients, Herbarium Hand Wash illuminates the path to wellness with a scent both lush and decadent.

Key notes: Orange, White Rose, Cedarwood, Patchouli

Aroma: Herbal, Spicy, Woody


This gentle formulation contains moisturizing plant-based ingredients, leaving hands clean, soft, and supple. Herbarium’s rich woodiness and bright citrus notes bring to mind a walk through botanical gardens where the scent of flowers and wild grass is ever-present. The scent features keynotes of orange, rose, juniper, and ho wood–a tall evergreen tree with a spreading canopy made of glossy, bright green aromatic leaves native to Asia.

  • Herbarium has been created by FRAMA in collaboration with Be My Guest, a creative studio based in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Created with natural ingredients

  • Gender-neutral

  • Comes in a reusable glass bottle

  • This product can also be purchased as a Herbarium Hand Wash Refill 500 ml in a recycled PET container without a pump and also as a Herbarium Hand Wash 500ml >

  • This care product comes in a glass container

  • Made in Denmark

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