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Santoku Knife

Santoku Knife

Robert Herder

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A universal kitchen knife, Santoku translates as “three virtues” and depending on your sources, either refers to it being great for precise cutting, chopping and slicing (even very thinly) or the fact that it is ideal for meat, fish and vegetable preparations. Slightly different from other Western-style chef’s knives, it is lighter to maneuver and constructed with a boxier shape that helps scoop food off of your cutting board well.

Finely balanced, the broad blade goes effortlessly through vegetables, fish or meat. The blade is made of exceptional, high quality carbon steel. It is ground very finely and thinly in "Solingen thin cut" and finely polished by hand.

About Robert Herder Knives:
For over a century, Robert Herder Windmühlenmesser (or “Windmill”) knives have been handmade in Solingen, Germany, and have maintained their celebrated techniques. Their finely hand-ground and glazed blades are extremely light and thin, while also very hard and maintain a long-lasting sharp edge… altogether creating an exceptional cutting experience.

  • Blade: Carbon

  • Handle: Copper beech wood. FSC certified, sustainably forested

  • Rivets: Aluminum

  • Surface: fine-glazed

  • Blade length: approx. 165mm / 6.25 inch

  • Overall length: 300 mm

Note: Carbon steel, beloved by chefs and bladesmiths, remains sharp without intervention for a long time. Opposed to stainless steel, carbon blades may rust over time without proper care. Robert Herder uses a special “blue-glazing” polishing technique to help temper this, but we recommend using their maintenance kit through the life of the knife. Discoloration of the blade over time, but not rusting, is perfectly normal. The darkening of the metal is typical of well-used carbon steel products. Wipe after use. Not dishwasher safe.

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