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Clarington Forge/Bulldog Transplanting Trowel

Clarington Forge/Bulldog Transplanting Trowel

Clarington Forge

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The transplanting trowel is designed to plant bulb and seedlings. The 6" shaped wooden handle provides a comfortable grip. The blade is made from carbon steel which is wear resistant and strong. The narrower blade is ideal when working with confined spaces such as flower beds or when transplanting plants from one place to another. The trowel also has a heavy duty tang to secure the handle to the trowel head. This tool is excellent for everyday gardening.

Type of tool: Trowel

Function of tool: Planting and transplanting of seeds and bulbs


  • Width of head: 2″

  • Length of head: 5″

  • Length of handle: 6″

  • American and German FSC-certified ash wood handle

  • Hand-forged powder-coated carbon steel head

  • Made in England since 1780


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