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Clarington Forge/Bulldog Shrubbery Fork

Clarington Forge/Bulldog Shrubbery Fork

Clarington Forge

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The Bulldog Shrubbery Fork is ideal for working in confined spaces or with borders. It is also the partner model of the shrubbery spade with a 28" Ash YD handle provide a comfortable grip and has been create using traditional methods and varnished with clear lacquer that protects the wood from the element to ensure a long working life. The shrubbery fork is also known as the "ladies" fork due to the smaller design of the head and short handle. The head is solid forged made from one piece of steel, it may show signs of being 'worked' as these heads are all uniquely made by hand.

Type of tool: Fork

Function of tool: Digging


  • Width of head: 5.5″

  • Length of head: 9.5″

  • Handle Length: 28″

  • American and German FSC-certified ash wood handle

  • Hand-forged powder-coated steel head

  • Made in England since 1780

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