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Carrière Frères Lavandula Angustifolia Room Spray (Lavender)

Carrière Frères Lavandula Angustifolia Room Spray (Lavender)

Carrière Frères

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Made by storied candle maker, Trudon, Carrière Frères candles celebrates botanical scents in their purist form with each scent, composed of just a single note. Made in France since 1884.

LAVENDER Lavandula Angustifolia


Lavender grows wild in the south of France: highly fragrant, its flowers bloom in Summer and its perfume naturally evokes Provence. A grey-green bushy shrub, beds of lavender are topped with numerous mauve-purple spikes. Both wild and medicinal, sometimes powerful, its sweet, sometimes even overwhelming fragrance is that of the passions of love.


The scent of beautiful days, lavender recalls the nostalgia of Summer.
It is relaxing and known for:

  • Soothing anxiety, nervousness and restlessness,

  • Helping to fall asleep fast,

  • Inducing restful sleep,

  • Helping to reduce agitation and insomnia.


  • Capacity: 200ml / 6.8 Fl.oz

  • Bottle size: H: 15 cm Ø: 5.5 cm

  • Made in France

Care Instructions:

The room spray will instantly spread a fragrance in your interior. Spray perfume on your fabrics, curtains, carpets, coverlets, etc.
In order to refresh the scent, spray some perfume again.

About Carrière Frères

Botanical and aromatic, Carrière Frères nurtures elemental connections to a virtuous nature, youth or life.

In each and every scented candle or spray, perfume and botanical essences are one: composed like a periodic table, the Carrière Frères line regroups scents extracted from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits or trees.

Like aromatherapy or naturopathy, the range finds inspiration in the many benefits of each plant: known for its soothing, purifying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or antidepressant properties, the vegetal kingdom sets new grounds for exploration.

This simple approach aims to reveal the natural power of botanic through a line of essential perfumes. Carrière Frères is a natural world set on an exploratory course.

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