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Brutalist Birdhouse- Cylinder 1.25" Entrance

Brutalist Birdhouse- Cylinder 1.25" Entrance


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These minimalist German birdhouses—at once rustic and modern in their appreciation of stark form. And most importantly, the thoughtful design is known to foster high occupancy rates of nesting birds. Liebe!

This style can be attached to the tree trunks, structural walls, or strong branches using the included hardware.

Celebrated by conservationists, ornithologists and other bird enthusiasts, these sharp-looking birdhouses are made in Germany using a special combination of pine, clay and other natural materials that stands up to the elements. Naturally insulating and breathable, these will keep birds sheltered and warm throughout the nesting seasons.

Product Details:

  • 1.25” entrance hole suitable for wrens, nuthatches, chickadees, small woodpeckers, and titmice

  • Measures 10" high x 6" diameter, 15" overall including hanger, 8 lbs

  • Durable, waterproof, rot-proof “wood concrete” construction

  • Long lasting: 25+ years of use

  • Low maintenance: Easy to install (hanging hook included), easy to clean (removable face plate)

  • Design deters bird predators

  • Can be painted to suit your environment (please use non-toxic applications)

  • Made in Germany

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