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Sneeboer Vintage Spade (Limited Edition)

Sneeboer Vintage Spade (Limited Edition)


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Exclusively at Gardenheir. A limited edition version of a Sneeboer staple.

The spade brings pedigree and reputation to the garden in equal amounts - and whether you are turning over an allotment, vegetable patch or decorative border, this spade really delivers. Forged by hand to a design created to suit the Dutch market and gardeners of West Friesland almost a hundred years ago, the spade features a 36-inch-long solid oiled wood (vintage) handle and at the business end, a stainless steel blade. The spade is primarily used to dig and transplant in thick soil types. The bottom of the blade is sharpened, so the spade can be driven into the ground with ease.

Type of tool: Spade

Function of tool: Digging, Planting

  • Width of head: 6.3”

  • Length of head: 11”

  • Length of handle: 36”

  • Weight: 3.75 lbs

  • Handle: Oiled wood (vintage)

  • Hand Forged Stainless Steel

  • Made in Holland

  • Limited edition. Just 200 pieces were made worldwide.

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